cell phone recycling
Recycling cellular phones is definitely an over looked topic at this time. With cellular phones being one of the most highly discarded digital camera. Only 11% of us actually recycle them.

cell phone recycling

Advantage Cartridge recycles and pays cash for empty inkjets, laser toner cartridges and used mobile phones, laptops, tablets and iPods.

We purchase new unused printer ink cartridges and new electronics for example cell phones.

Partnership in our FREE program keeps a number of these items and also the chemicals they contain away from our landfills. Advantage Cartridge is proud to be a company that likes you our environment.

Anyone can be involved in this program. Schools, Businesses, Non-Profits, or Individuals alike!

recycle mobile phone

Call now concerning ways to start cellular phone recycling together with many other house and business objects and make a good money advertising online from home.


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